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NEO Medina Tech LLC ~ Pain Relief and Posture Braces

“Do You Sincerely Want To Be Pain FREE, and Enjoy Good Health & Well-being”

Magnetic Therapy boosts your immune system and metabolism; it enables the body to do what it does best – heal itself from the inside out after usage for a time.

Our health magnets are a natural product; when interacting with your body stimulates blood circulation. Thus, improving the energy and health of cells at a molecular level, and detoxifies. Slims waist and trims fat in some people. 100% Latex and chemical-Free.

“Important News For People Who Are Suffering”


It assists the body in the production of Collagen which is regarded as the substance that holds the whole body together, found in the bones, muscles, skin and tendons.
Our brand of products focuses primarily in healing the cause of your problem, not just the effect, although you’ll benefit from pain relief, support, and posture issues.

Pain Relief and Posture Braces ~ Do You Sincerely Want To Be Pain FREE, and Enjoy Good Posture & Well-being. Imagine Freedom of Movement and Relief From Twinge and Pain. Approved CE & FDA